Associação Portuguesa de Bancos (APB - Portuguese Banking Association) is the main representative of the banking sector in Portugal. Its 26 members account for over 90% of the assets in Portugal’s banking system.

The APB was founded in 1984 and its main goals and targets are:
• To defend the banking sector in Portugal and especially the common interests of its member institutions
• To contribute to a better economic, technical and social performance in the sector
• To act in the defence of the values of trust, ethics, transparency and integrity in the work of banking institutions
• To foster a transparent relationship between banks and society
• To help improve the qualifications of the sector’s employees
• To encourage a better understanding of how the banking system works and its importance to the country's economy
• To play an active role in financial education, thereby contributing to better use of bank products and services

The APB belongs to the European Banking Federation - EBF, which has 32 national banking associations as its members, representing around 3.500 banks in Europe. Find out how the APB is represented in the EBF and other bodies and institutions in Portugal and abroad.