Come and meet the "Good Practices, Good Accounts" neighbourhood!

In this building live eight families who have diverse financial situations and different needs in terms of savings, credit and investment. The building also has a bank branch and a small neighbourhood grocery store, where a group of young people usually meet up. In front of the building there is a magazine kiosk, where information on other financial education projects can be consulted.

Created by APB's Financial Education Workgroup, the "Good Practices, Good Accounts" website aims to answer many families' main questions about managing their budget and to encourage the adoption of behaviours and habits that will help them save, invest or purchase in a careful and responsible manner.

When you browse the website, go and see the Meireles Family or Patricia Pinto, visit Mrs Adosinda or stop by Mr Américo's grocery store and learn about the issues they face in their relationship with banking, the possible solutions, and a set of Good Practices appropriate for each of them.