The National Council of Financial Supervisors (comprising the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority, the Bank of Portugal and the CMVM) puts on the Financial Training Week each year. The event aims to raise public awareness of the importance of financial training and takes place around World Savings Day (31 October).

At the celebrations of the Financial Training Week, all partners of the National Financial Training Plan participate, including the APB, and initiatives are promoted for different target audiences, including students of all ages, teachers and other trainers, managers of micro and small businesses, football players, psychologists, pensioners, vulnerable groups and the general population.

The celebrations began in 2012 as the Financial Training Day, but from 2017 the event was extended to a week to involve the increasing number of partners in the Plan and ensure broader coverage of the different target audiences.

Find out more about the initiatives already carried out by APB throughout the various editions of Financial Training Week: