Around 60 participants attended the 4th edition of the Banking Open Day, promoted by APB, as part of the World Investor Week.

This initiative consisted of the organization of two digital financial literacy sessions, aimed essentially at senior audiences who are not yet familiar with the use of digital channels.
The first session, on October 11th, was dedicated to the topic “How to access my online banking?” and was promoted by Nuno La Féria, from Banco CTT. He explained the steps needed to access a bank account through the bank's website or app, in a simple and secure way.

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The second session, on October 12th, was dedicated to the topic “What operations can I do in my online bank?” and was promoted by Pedro Valas Chagas, from Banco Santander. In this session, participants got to know the set of banking operations that they can carry out through the Internet, from opening an account, making transfers or payments and even managing their investments, in a simple and secure way.

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In this edition of the Banking Open Day, APB and the associated banks aimed to promote a set of basic digital skills from the user's point of view, foster capacity building in the use of digital channels among the target population, raise awareness to the importance of adopting better informed and safer financial behaviours, namely, in a period marked by the growing use of digital channels as a result of the pandemic context.

This was the fourth consecutive year that the Portuguese Banking Association (APB), together with the associated banks, promoted the “Banking Open Day”. This initiative is part of the commemorations of the World Investor Week, which in Portugal is organized by the CMVM and aims to promote financial literacy and the protection of small investors. This year, the World Investor Week took place mostly in digital format, from 6 to 12 October and was dedicated to the theme “Information is your most valuable asset”.