APB develops various Financial Education initiatives aimed at different target audiences with the aim of promoting a bigger, broader and more inclusive financial culture in Portugal.

All of these initiatives are driven by a Financial Education Working Group made up of several associated banks.

The APB is also a partner in the National Financial Training Plan (NFTP), an initiative from the National Council of Financial Supervisors, comprising the Bank of Portugal, the CMVM and the ASF. Within the framework of this partnership, we should highlight the Primary and Secondary Education activities that are intended to promote this topic within the subject of Citizenship and Development, which is part of the school curriculum.

The Financial Education magazine presents a summary of the APB's initiatives and other national and international entities with financial education projects.

You can also consult the Financial Literacy Playbook for Europe, prepared by the European Banking Federation (EBF), of which APB is a member, to get to know the main financial education indicators and projects developed by other European countries, including Portugal.