1st June, 2021

The General Meeting of the Portuguese Banking Association (APB) was held today, 31 May 2021, to approve the 2020 Annual Report and elect the new corporate bodies for the 2021-2023 three-year term.

In this election, Vítor Bento was unanimously appointed Chairman of the Board.

Vítor Bento has a degree in Economics from ISEG, a Master in Philosophy from the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University, a PhD in Strategic Studies from ISCSP and a certificate in Corporate Governance from INSEAD.

In his professional career, the most recent position was as Chairman of the Board of Directors of SIBS and he is currently a member of the Catholic University’s Board of Trustees and Invited Professor at ISCSP, Lisbon University.

After the election, Vítor Bento showed his recognition to the members for their trust, and said: "I am aware of the multiple challenges facing the sector and I will put my commitment into overcoming these challenges and obtaining recognition for the huge contribution of banks to economic progress and the well-being of society. It won’t be easy to succeed Mr. Faria de Oliveira, who led the Association in an exemplary manner over the last nine years, but I know I can count on the entire Board and on the quality of the employees who make up the Association."

Vítor Bento succeeds Fernando Faria de Oliveira, who served as Chairman of the APB from 2012 to 2020.  

"I thank the APB Members for their trust. It has been an honour and a privilege to be a member of the APB Board during a difficult decade. Professor Vítor Bento is the right person to lead the Association, in a context that requires us to look to the future with great strategic vision", said Faria de Oliveira.

The Members expressed their recognition and gratitude for the manner in which the outgoing Chairman carried out his duties over the last nine years, which coincided with a particularly complex and challenging period for the banking system.