25th November, 2021

With the growing use of digital channels, further accentuated by the effects of the pandemic, online fraud attempts have also increased, so it is important to be aware  and report all the suspicious situations.

When making your purchases online:

- Make sure the websites and networks you are using are secure,

- Always make payments according to your bank's recommendations,

- Never click on links sent by email or SMS or provide bank details in this way,

- Be wary of phone calls from someone you don't know and claim to be from your bank. Never provide access codes or data on these calls,

- Monitor daily the movements in your account and, if you detect something strange, contact your bank immediately, through its official channels.

Find out more about the precautions to adopt, particularly when using data from your bank, in the document “Protect yourself against online fraud”, an initiative by Europol and the European Banking Federation (EBF), of which the APB is a member.

Keep in mind that the greater your knowledge, the more protected you will be against cybercrime. For this, it is essential to know the various types of online fraud, know the precautions to adopt and report all operations that seem suspicious to the authorities .

For more information see the APB website or #Cyberscams.