When surfing the internet it is essential to always bear in mind the precautions to be taken to ensure the security of the operations carried out, safeguard personal data and thus minimise the risks of misuse by third parties.

Find out here about some essential security rules to adopt when using your computer, mobile phone or tablet to access your bank and carry out transactions such as online purchases or banking operations.

Types of Online Fraud

Computer attacks are based on increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect tactics. Cybercriminals' tactics range from pretending to be the CEO of a company to trying to lure you into a loving relationship. They’ll do whatever it takes to access your personal data or steal your money. A single click can be enough to compromise an entire company. Knowing how to identify the types of fraud that exist online is, therefore, a fundamental step towards being more protected. See the most common #Cyberscams here, in an initiative promoted by Europol and the European Banking Federation (EBF), which has the support of the Portuguese Banking Association.