Cooperation protocols:

  • Interactive Cooperation Protocol (APB, APS, APFIPP, AEM, APAF and APC);
  • Cooperation protocol on the preparation of educational and teaching resources in support of the Financial Education Benchmark concluded between CNSF, APFIPP, APS, ASFAC and APB;
  • Cooperation protocol with the CTT Post Office of Portugal to combat financial illiteracy;
  • Cooperation protocol between APB and IDEFE (ISEG) for the dissemination of training programmes (Sustainable Finance Programme: Green and Climate Finance);
  • Protocol for the Cooperation and Collaboration Agreement with the Association of Angolan Banks (ABANC);
  • Cooperation and Collaboration Protocol with the Macao Banking Association (ABM);
  • Cooperation protocol with the People's Republic of China and Portuguese-speaking countries;
  • Protocol for the Cooperation Agreement between APB and the Russian Association of Banks.

Operational protocols:

  • Interbank Protocol on General Private Sector Moratoria to be applied within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Protocol on the Provision of Information between Banks and Insurance Companies in relation to Life Insurance Associated with Housing Credit, concluded between APB and the Portuguese Association of Insurers;
  • Protocol on Mortgage Cancellation between Credit Institutions and the APB;