The Association of Portuguese Banks (APB) – which has among its areas of activity the promotion of training and professional development for employees in the banking sector – includes the Banking Training Institute (BTI). The BTI's task is to strengthen the culture of the profession and to support the development of the Portuguese financial sector through the training of human resources.

The BTI offers a wide range of training which is generally characterised by broad-scope training, including initial training and continuous training, together with training on highly specialist subjects focused on specific professional profiles.

In order to fulfil its purpose properly, alongside its internal staff, BFI counts on a wide range of carefully-selected external staff with recognised technical know-how who combine theoretical knowledge with professional experience in areas relevant to the training they provide.

Initial, Continuous and Professional Development Training

The training department offers a wide range of training, addressing both the needs of compulsory and regulatory training, and also covers the broader thematic scopes and professional profiles of the banking and financial sector. Seeking to meet the diversity of trainees and their personal and professional contexts, it offers a variety of ways to organise training: on-site, distance education on paper or online, blended learning and webinars.

Professional Development Training in specific areas for Senior Management functions

Management Training courses are available in this area in the Banking and Financial Sectors, which currently have new requirements for the performance of Management functions and so-called Essential Functions, particularly in the areas of Regulation and Corporate Governance Models.

Advanced Professional Development Training in specific areas for management functions

In this area, Advanced Training courses are available for updating and deepening knowledge in specific areas of the various framework and/or management activities at financial institutions.

Short specialised training events

In the continued effort to provide training that meets high quality, short duration and opportunity criteria, the BTI's Conferences, Seminars and Workshops are highly specialised and emerging-topic activities.

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