These Terms of Use (“Terms”) regulate the use, including mere access, of the apb.pt website (“Website”), including the content and services it provides. The Website is managed by Associação Portuguesa de Bancos (APB - Portuguese Banking Association) to disseminate information about its activity and matters pertaining to the banking sector and the financial system. Another purpose of the Website is to contribute to a better understanding of the financial system’s importance to the country’s economy by providing information about the banking sector and how it works and the role that it plays in society and helping to create a better financial culture in Portuguese society. Users must read these Terms carefully every time they wish to use the Website. On accessing and using this Website, you state that you have read and accept these Terms and agree to submit any litigation that may arise from its use to the Lisbon District Civil Court, which shall adjudicate in accordance with Portuguese law.  


Unless otherwise indicated, any information on the Website that is the responsibility of APB may be copied, downloaded or used free of charge for personal or public use, in which case the user must always quote the source of the information. This information may not under any circumstances be used for profit or for offensive or unlawful purposes. Information obtained via links to other portals managed by third parties must be used in accordance with the rules indicated in them. The information provided is of a general nature and is intended to enlighten users about the sector. Irrespective of its form, it does not constitute (i) advice or recommendations on investment in the purchase or sale of products or financial instruments or the contracting of financial services or (ii) recommendations on legal or tax matters. The Website user must consult properly qualified specialists in each of these areas. The APB cannot therefore be held responsible for any losses or material or personal damages that may result directly or indirectly from the information provided, and Website users are solely responsible for all decisions made on the basis of this information. The APB makes its best efforts to ensure that all the information provided on its Website is accurate and up to date. It does not, however, guarantee that the information is always precise and up to date. It is not sufficient to view legal provisions posted on the Website. The actual laws officially approved and published in their original editions and media (namely Diário da República, the Official Journal of the European Union, etc.) must be consulted. All the information and general contents on the Website may be altered without notice.


The Website provides users with hyperlinks and links solely so that they can search for and access information, contents, products and services made available on the internet and to give users access to websites and portals belonging to and managed by third parties. The APB does not offer or sell on behalf of itself or third parties information, contents, products or services from third parties’ websites, nor does it approve or control the information, contents, products, services or any other material on them. Users shall be solely responsible for browsing on these websites. The APB cannot be held responsible for the quality or truthfulness of the statements published on sites accessed via hyperlinks on this website.


These Terms (or access to the Website or use of the contents or services) do not transfer any intellectual or industrial property rights to the Website or to any of its component parts. It is strictly forbidden for the user to replicate, alter, distribute, publicly disclose, make available to others, extract, reuse, forward or make any other use, by any means or form, of those intellectual or industrial property rights, except when legally allowed or when authorized by the holder of such rights. Users must respect all intellectual and industrial property rights to the Website, either held by the APB or by third parties.


The APB is committed to protecting your privacy. Although browsing on the Website does not entail providing any personal data, whenever the APB processes personal data, it will provide the subjects with the information they need to give their consent to the processing in advance, when applicable.

5.1. Legitimate reasons

The APB only processes personal data if: (i) it has a legitimate interest in doing so; (ii) it has the subjects’ consent whenever it is required; (iii) it is necessary to fulfil applicable legal obligations or (iv) there are other legitimate reasons for doing so under the law.

5.2. Purposes

Any personal data that you send us will be processed confidentially and used by the APB, with registered office at Av. da República, n.º 35, 5.º andar, 1050-186 Lisboa, to respond to your query or review your request. This includes but is not limited to requests for information or questions about banking in Portugal or any of the APB’s activities and any other matters, such as requests for meetings or interviews, requests of disclosure of information, unsolicited job applications or applications to ongoing recruitment processes. The personal data collected by the APB will be processed solely for the above purposes.

5.3. Transfer of personal data to third parties

Depending on the situation in which we receive them, it may be necessary to pass on your personal data to third parties (such as the Portuguese Government, the Portuguese Parliament, The Bank of Portugal, The Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission, the Portuguese Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority or independent entities managed by these supervisors).

5.4. Storage times

Personal data processed by the APB will only be stored for the time necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected. After these purposes have been fulfilled, the data will only be stored for a longer period if APB needs to comply with legal obligations.

5.5. Subjects' rights

Data subjects are entitled to access and to request the portability of their personal data and may also request the rectification of incorrect or out-of-date data or, depending on the circumstances, their erasure or restriction of processing if the data are not necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. In certain circumstances, subjects may refuse to allow their data to be processed. In order to exercise the above-mentioned rights, data subjects should send their written requests, to the following address: rgpd@apb.pt. Subjects are also entitled to submit complaints to the Portuguese Data Protection Authority. If data subjects exercise the aforementioned rights by email sent to rgpd@apb.pt from an address that was not previously indicated to the APB, said email must be accompanied by proof of identity. This proof must also be provided to the APB if the rights are exercised by data subjects via a means of communication other than email.


When people access the Website, temporary, encrypted cookies are used to store information to remember their preferences the next time they visit.


Users must refrain from accessing or attempting to access the Website’s contents using means or procedures other than those set out in these Terms or those that in each case are placed at their disposal, are indicated for such purpose or are normally used on the internet (and that, in the latter case, do not pose a risk of damage to or destruction of the Website). Any attempt to alter contents or upload information or any other action that may cause damage or pose a risk to the integrity of the systems is strictly forbidden and shall be punished to the full extent of the law.


APB shall not be held responsible for the accuracy, quality, security, legality or lawfulness of the content of this Website, including compliance with the rules on copyright and connected rights with regard to the contents, products or services contained in it that have been supplied by other bodies, advertisers or partners.