15th September, 2021

As part of its Financial Education Project, the Portuguese Banking Association will launch, from September, a Digital Literacy Programme under the theme “Everything you need to know about online banking”, targeting elderly people not yet familiar with the use of online banking.


The purpose of the programme is to transmit to the audience a set of basic notions that will allow them to perform some of the essential day-to-day banking operations, through online channels, such as making transfers, payments or learning how to consult their bank account. The information sessions will also address the online security theme as well as the behaviours banking customers should adopt to protect themselves from possible fraud attempts.

The programme will consist of 12 monthly information sessions that will run from September 2021 to July 2022 (see programme). These sessions will be promoted by representatives of the APB member banks and will initially take place online.

With this initiative, the APB and its member banks aim to promote a set of basic digital skills from the user's point of view, foster capacity building in the use of digital channels among the target population, raise awareness to the importance of adopting better informed and safer financial behaviours and contribute to increasing the levels of digital and financial literacy in Portugal.

The APB has been coordinating the promotion of this initiative directly with the Parish Councils and Senior Universities, at national level, and also with the network of Municipal Libraries of Lisbon.

You can register here or through the email educacaofinanceira@apb.pt


See here the videos with the topics already covered in the information sessions:


Session 1 - "How to access my online bank?"

Session 2 - "What operations can I do in my online bank?"

Session 3 - "How to consult my online banking account?"

Session 4 - "How to do an online banking transfer?"

Session 5 - "How to do payments and charges in my online banking?"

Session 6 - "How to do online payments with my banking card?"

Session 7 - "How to use solutions as MB Way or MB Net?"

Session 8 - " How to do online savings?"

Session 9 - "How to get credit online?"

Session 10 - "How to open an account online?"

Session 11 - "What types of fraud can exist when using my online banking?"

Session 12 - "What precautions should I take when using my online banking?"