2nd June, 2023

As part of its Financial Education Project, the APB created a training program specifically for journalists who regularly follow financial sector issues.

This training took place between May and June, with the main objective of providing journalists with a deeper knowledge of some of the more complex issues involving the banking sector.

Throughout the six training modules, participants were able to get in touch with themes, such as monetary policy, european banking supervision, analysis of financial indicators, digital banking or ESG agenda.

With a background in financial markets, Rui Correia, Vice-President of the Financial Markets Association, assured two sessions "Currency and Monetary Policy" and the "Role of Banks and their Function in the Economy". The 3rd session, dedicated to "Financial Indicators Analysis" was conducted by João Senos Gonçalves, a consultant with a 20-year career in banking sector. The topic of "Banking Supervision" was addressed by Carlos Rafael Branco, from Banco de Portugal. The "Digital Banking" was the central theme of the 5th session, led by Carlos Oliveira Andrade, from SIBS, who focused on the new types of digital banking services and the risks and opportunities of digital banking. António Neto da Silva, CEO of the Instituto de Formação Bancária (IFB), was responsible for the last module of the training, dedicated to the theme of "Governance and Sustainability".

This training was attended by about 15 journalists from different media (press, online, radio and television) who cover economy issues , in particular the banking sector and its regulatory framework.