2nd October, 2023

As part of the World Investor Week , which this year takes place from the 2nd to the 10th of October, the APB will promote another edition of the BANKING OPEN DAY, this year dedicated to the theme of digital finance.

In an effort to bridge the gap between young people and banking, the APB will take secondary school students to visit some bank branches, where they will be introduced to banks’ innovative offer of digital solutions and services.

Some banks now have highly innovative and multifunctional customer service areas that break with the traditional concept of a bank branch.

Recognising the importance of young people being aware of this new reality and deepening their knowledge of digital finance, the APB invites them to participate in the "Open Day in Banking: come and learn about digital banking".

During this week, in collaboration with some of our member banks, we will be organising the following visits:

2 Oct | 9h -12h30 |BPI, Lisbon

Students from the D. Pedro V Secondary School in Lisbon and the Sampaio School Group in Sesimbra will visit BPI's All in One branch and learn about some of the most innovative services and solutions that the bank currently offers its customers, from personal finance management to day-to-day management and the metaverse experience.

2 Oct | 16h | Banco Montepio, Lisbon

Eleventh-grade students from Externato Maristas de Lisboa will visit the headquarters of Banco Montepio, where they will learn about some instances of innovation in banking and financial services, which have simplified our daily lives and showcase the banking sector's capacity to lead in innovation and the optimisation of the customer experience.

10 Oct | 10h | Caixa de Crédito Agrícola, Pombal

Vocational education students from the Pombal School Group will go to the CCA branch in Pombal to learn about how some of the more traditional banking services, such as transfers and means of payment, have evolved in recent years. There, these students will also familiarise themselves with some of the features of Moey! app, the pioneering 100% digital banking solution developed by a bank in Portugal, which, among other functionalities, enables users to aggregate and manage several accounts within a single application.

This is the sixth consecutive year in which the APB has taken part in World Investor Week, a global initiative promoted by IOSCO to raise awareness to the importance of financial education and investor protection. In Portugal, this initiative is promoted by the Securities Market Commission (CMVM), together with partners in the financial and economic sector, including the APB. You can check the programme with all the initiatives that will take place throughout the week at www.smiportugal.pt