Jan. 2024 Banking Profits
Nov 2023 Great Meeting: Banking of the Future
Nov. 2023 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Protocol
June 2023 FENACAM Conference: The Banking Union reform (impacts and challenges)
June 2023 Banking profits and banking resolution
May 2023 SEDES: Where the portuguese economy goes to?
May 2023 Digital Financial Literacy: Strategy for Portugal
Apr. 2023 Negócios Sustainability Conference 20|30
Mar. 2023 Hearing at the Budget and Finance Committee
Nov. 2022 Banking of the future Meeting
Oct. 2022 Hearing at the Economics, Public Works, Planning and Housing Committee
Oct. 2022 Digital Banking Ecosystems: Moving forward open banking and beyond
Jun. 2022 Inflation and its challenges
May 2022 Opening Speech at the launch of the website "Saber de Contas"
Feb. 2022 The fundamental importance of the banking sector
Dec. 2021 State support to the portuguese financial sector - a clarification
Oct. 2021 Money Conference 2021
Sep. 2021

Not all it seems is 

Aug. 2021

The new challenges of banking and financing

Mar. 2021

Banking sector and the recovery of the economy

Mar. 2020

Banking sector is committed to supporting the economy

Feb. 2020

What kind of banking do we want for Portugal?

Oct. 2019

A banking sector serving the economy and citizens

Feb. 2018

Banking Summit - Leading into a New Era

Nov. 2016

Lights and shadows in the european union

May. 2016 The Present and the Future of the Banking Sector
Jan. 2016 Trends and Challenges of Banking
Oct. 2015 UGT 37th Anniversary Conference – Speech on Supervision and Regulation
Jul. 2015 The banks and the capital market: a common goal
Jun. 2015 Banking Union and other challenges
May. 2015 President of APB at TSF/OTOC conference on private enterprise
Feb. 2014 Banking Union and the funding of the Portuguese Economy
Nov. 2013 APB Conference on Portuguese Payment System
Oct. 2013 Conference - A Strong, Modern, Reliable Banking System for Economic Growth
Fev. 2013 NYSE Euronext Lisbon Conference - Taxation of Financial Transactions: Reasons, Impacts and Proposals
Jan. 2013 Speech - Diploma Cerimony "Porto Bussiness School"
Nov. 2012 CV&A – XV Conference: The European Crisis and Reforms Needed
Nov. 2012 Tenth Banking Forum "Situation and challenges of the Portuguese Banks"
Nov. 2012 The challenges of adjustment and growth – American Chamber of Commerce in Portugal
Sep. 2012 Article for AIP Newsletter “ Banks and economic growth”
Jun. 2012 Signing of agreement with the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Security on the creation of a real estate investment fund for residential rentals (FIIAH) »

 Publications - before April 2012