General Public

APB produces awareness-raising and information campaigns on financial and digital literacy aimed at the general public. These are activities in short (2h) thematic cycles, addressing issues related to the use of banking products and services, such as: Family Budget Planning, Credit and Debt Planning and Management, Remuneration and Interest Rates, Financial System and Financial Products and Online Safety.

These activities are usually carried out in partnership with the Network of Local Libraries, and normally take place in the city of Lisbon. Entry is free of charge, subject to prior registration.

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APB provides training for journalists to help improve their understanding and interpretation of financial and banking issues and thus contribute to a better quality of information for the general public.

These actions mean that people can attend BTI courses, subject to prior registration and the availability of places. For more information, e-mail or see the BTI site (

Enterprises (SME)

APB carries out training/awareness-raising sessions aimed at SME within the framework of Financial Training for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises developed with PNFF, IAPMEI and the Ministry of Economy. These sessions are run by trainers from the Banking Training Institute (BTI). Among other things, they cover the following topics: financing and bank credit, banking products and the financial system.