About 1,500 people attended the 2020 Banking Open Day, a joint initiative of the Portuguese Association of Banks and its member banks, where financial literacy sessions are held for small investors.

This year's edition, marked by the current pandemic context, addressed topics such as the importance of investment for recovery, and the different financial products and investment alternatives available in the market to suit the profile of each investor.

Eleven APB member banks took part in this initiative, which featured three information sessions on the theme "Trust to Invest".

Information session for bank clients

In this webinar for small investors, João Lampreia (Banco BIG), João Marques (Caixa Geral de Depósitos) and José Vareda (Crédito Agrícola) analysed the recent developments in the financial markets in the context of the pandemic and the alternative investment solutions to traditional savings, without forgetting the regulatory obligations to which financial intermediaries are subject.

This session was moderated by journalist Patrícia Abreu, from Jornal de Negócios newspaper, and had more than 500 views.



Information session for secondary school students

On 7 October, around 50 students from Colégio Vasco da Gama, in Sintra, attended this session, which was moderated by SIC journalist, Pedro Andersson and had the participation of Lúcia Canário (Banco CTT), Vítor Ramos (Montepio Bank), João Palmela (Millennium BCP) and Rui Constantino (Santander). Students learned about the different types of financial assets that exist, the type of return and risk associated with each one, and the importance of diversification and of saving for objectives. At the end of the session, students had the opportunity to clarify doubts with the speakers, namely about the most adequate investment solution for their age.

This session was viewed online by students and schools from all over the country, having reached more than 600 views.



Information session for seniors

Margarida Gonçalves (BPI), José Calheiros (Bankinter), João Paulo Silva (Novo Banco) and Hugo Freitas (Abanca), promoted an information session for senior investors which addressed the different investment products available in the market, the importance of investing even in periods of crisis, the importance of diversification and the new ways in which clients may interact with their bank, such as the digital channels.

This session was moderated by TVI journalist Alda Martins and was attended by over 400 people.



This was the third consecutive year in which the Portuguese Banking Association (APB), together with its member banks, promoted the "Banking Open Day".

This initiative is part of the commemorations of the World Investor Week, which in Portugal is organised by the CMVM and aims to promote financial literacy and the protection of small investors. This year the World Investor Week took place from 5 to 11 October, with a wide range of initiatives and around 3 thousand participants.